About us

Welcome to Taliflor C.B.

In Taliflor C.B., we are dedicated to production and comercialisation of fresh vegetables and cut flower.

Nosotros Taliflor

TALIFLOR C.B. is the fourth generation of a family company, was founded in 1925 by Mr. José Montalbán Castro, the grandfather of present partners.

At first the family was engaged in the production and marketing of seasonal vegetables locally. In the beginning of the 70s, with the second generation, export activity starts.

Nosotros Montalban

Actually we continue with the production and comercialisation of fresh vegetables and cut flower with a high-quality.


In our facilities, we select and pack our products in accordance with the market´s and customer´s requirements, we fulfill the most demanding handling standards.



Our crops

Our crops are growed basically in our zone, where we have a perfect kind of soil and excellent weather to grow fresh vegetables, like carrots, leeks, beetroots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. For all these reasons and the got experience over the years, we do a high-quality products.

Technical team

Our technical team, visit and control the crops for verify that the crops meet the criteria Global G.A.P. and every grow and harvest process .

Quality control

This department be responsible to follow a strict quality control, from the field preparation to the products packing.